Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you can find what you are looking for. I am Adrian and am based in North Watford.

I have been teaching the piano since 2002 and have taught people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and have enjoyed every moment of it. I am very patient, encouraging and empathic and always develop an excellent rapport with my students.

Beginners to advanced, young to old, I can help you develop this wonderful skill.  All you need is the desire to learn and to be prepared to work towards your goals. The rewards and joy can be immense and ongoing.

Many of my students go on to take exams which I prepare them for.  I prepare them for all aspects of the ABRSM syllabus i.e. pieces, scales, aural and sight reading.  However, I do not enter students unless I am reasonably confident they will pass.  I want the whole learning experience to be a positive one.  I get as much pleasure from exam passes as the students themselves.

Exams are not everything and it is entirely up to you if you wish to do them. Many of my students want to simply enjoy learning and playing the instrument which is perfectly commendable

I put a lot of emphasis on technique and learning independence rather than mechanically drilling the student to play things.

Piano tuition

Synthesizers have always fascinated me and I have always kept up to date with new technology.  I bought my first synthesizer - a Korg 700s in 1974 and it was horrendously expensive at £370!  From there I was always buying and selling my synths in order to buy the latest.  But for years I never really knew what to do with these machines.  I even built an analog monophonic synth in the early 80s and it actually worked! Not until MIDI and sequencing software came along in the 80s did it all come together for me. I am now using Logic Pro X on Apple after using Cubase for years.  

I have enough experience of this technology to offer advice, training or maybe assistance with the creation of your own tracks. If you think I can be of help, call or email me for more information.

I love playing this instrument.  I like its portability, self-containedness and organic sound.  I certainly wouldn't call myself a virtuoso, but I can confidently teach it up to an intermediate level.  It is a difficult instrument to learn from scratch if you have never played another instrument, but I use a systematic approach and break down learning obstacles into manageable sizes and gradually build up your skill and confidence.

Piano accordion

Electronic music